Utility Commission

Our seven member commission of local citizens is appointed by the mayor, and ratified by the City Council. This local representation and control allows all citizens to have a voice in how our utility can best meet the community’s needs. 

Commission Members

CommissionFront row, left to right: Patricia Thome (replaced by Jim Fitzpatrick), City Council Representative; Blaine Hilgendorf, President; Andy Moss, Vice President; and Joe Dorr.  Back row, left to right: David Pagel, Secretary; Paul Radtke and Tim Larson.

Members of Cedarburg's utility commission offer a diverse background of personal, educational and business experience. They share a genuine interest in Cedarburg and its community-owned utility, and have gained familiarity with utility operations, services, finances and the industry in general. The commission's main objective is to successfully guide the utility into the future for the benefit of Cedarburg residents and businesses.

Commission Meetings

The Utility Commission generally meets the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the utility office. Call our office for confirmation of meeting dates and times at 262-375-7650.  Agendas and minutes are posted on the City of Cedaburg's website.