Nights & Weekends Smart Plan Pricing

Our optional Nights & Weekends Smart Plan enables you to take advantage of lower electric rates during the “off-peak” hours: late in the evening, overnight and all weekend. “Off-peak” hours are those when overall demand for electricity is at its lowest.  We can offer you lower electric rates during off-peak hours because our costs as a utility are typically lower at those times.

During times of high demand for electricity, we usually pay more for power, because we need to use more expensive power supply resources. During off-peak hours, we can supply power to all our customers more effectively. The Nights & Weekends Smart Plan rewards you with a discount for helping to spread the demand for electricity more evenly over each 24-hour period.

There is no cost to sign up for the Nights & Weekends Smart Plan pricing, and participation is simple. If you wish to return to the standard residential rate option, you may do so at any time after one year. To get started, call us at 262-375-7650.

For more information click on the Nights & Weekends Residential brochure or the Nights & Weekends Business brochure.