Landlord Information

General Information for Cedarburg Landlords

General Information for owners of rental property located in Cedarburg Light & Water Utility's service area can be accessed by clicking General Information. We hope you find the information helpful.

Filing a Lien Against Your Residential Tenant's Personal Assets

Wisconsin Act 274 was adopted by the State of Wisconsin in 2013. The provisions in Act 274 provide a process by which a property owner can obtain and file a lien against a residential tenant's personal assets for payment made by the landlord for a tenant's past due utility charges. For more information click on Filing a Lien.

Heat Source Questionnaire

Please fill out a heat source questionnaire for each of your rental properties. This will provide us with the necessary information when determing if the electric service can be disconnected during the winter moratorium. 

Help Us Help You!

Please keep your contact information up to date. We will attempt to contact you before disconnecting your tenants, or when we have questions relating to your properties. Updated phone number, emails, addresses, building manager information - all of this info is important to us so that we can work with you through these situations. You can call us at 262-375-7650 or email us at