Energy & Water Conservation Tips

Reducing your electric and water consumption is the easiest way to save money on your utility bill. Making small adjustments year round can make a big impact on your savings. We have some online tools and websites available that can help guide you in conserving your electric and water usage - ultimately, cutting your costs.  

A Watts Up! meter is available for customers to borrow. It measures voltage, amperage and the cost of appliances or other equipment operating at 110 VAC (e.g. refrigerators, televisions, etc.). You can find out how much energy your appliances are costing you, or compare your current appliances to new energy efficient models. The meters are available at the utility office, just stop over to borrow a Watts Up! Meter.

Check out the Electric Conservation Library for some great tips to help decrease your electric usage!

Check out the Water Conservation Tips for great ideas to help reduce your water usage!