Energy Savings Programs

Piggly Wiggly FOE AwardCommercial and industrial businesses have tremendous potential to realize cost savings through improving the energy efficiency of their facilities without sacrificing productivity. Whether you’re upgrading equipment, renovating your facility, thinking about expanding or simply looking to reduce your energy costs, give us a call. We’ll put our energy expertise to work for you to identify efficiency opportunities that will improve your bottom line.

Olsen's Piggly Wiggly

Olsen’s Piggly Wiggly, teaming up with Cedarburg Light & Water and Focus on Energy, has completed two major energy-saving projects and is the recipient of the Energy Efficiency Excellence Award from Focus on Energy. 

The first project added doors to cases in some refrigerated sections of the store, which conserves energy and increases customer comfort by reducing the amount of cold air coming out of the cases.  In another move that saves energy and improves customer experience, Olsen’s Piggly Wiggly installed LED lights throughout the store last year.  LED lighting use less energy and creates less heat so the air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard. 

“First and foremost, the financial viability of the payout was a no brainer at this time. Good stewardship of the environment is important, as well,” said business owner Ryan Olsen. “And from a comfort level, the climate control we have now, not having open refrigerated cases, we have much better climate control.”

The two upgrades will help Olsen’s Piggly Wiggly save more than $17,000 a year in reduced energy costs. The projects also eared the business incentives of more than $9,000 from Focus on Energy.

“Bottom line, Olsen’s has continued to demonstrate leadership related to energy efficiency,” said Dale Lythjohan, general manager of Cedarburg Light & Water. “We’re happy to participate with them and Focus on Energy in energy efficiency programs.”